From ownership to rental.

Buy or rent a car? Old habits versus new perspectives. The winning formula is the one of long-term rental in that it is more economic, practical and intuitive. A solution allowing the individual user a common vehicle usage; freeing it up from all the ownership's bureaucratic and economic burdens.

Let's take a test: Nowadays, Buying a car involves the commitment of considerable amounts of capital with normally no discounts, benefits or interest rate subsidies. This means having to administer all costs related to the vehicle usage and management, such as for instance insurance, the maintenance or any unexpected rescue.

Buying a vehicle also involves getting rid of it and investing new money when the circumstances require changing it. All this implicates considerable costs that are both continuous and variables over time, as opposed to the lower and well-defined costs embraced by the long-term rental.

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This website' section is dedicated to explain the aspects related to the long-term rental taxation.

For each professional category the fee deductibility and the VAT deductibility are presented; these do not only vary depending on the professional category taken into account but also depends on the vehicle usage. The instrumental usage of the vehicle for instance, occurs when the commercial enterprise is subject to the vehicles and no business activity could be undertaken without them. The vehicle usage can also be non-instrumental or promiscuous.

Under the new legislation:

Download the deductibility chart for a comparison between long-term rental, lease and purchase.

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To better understand the economic benefits provided by the rental formula, guaranteeing full transparency and impartiality, a table comparing the costs between buying and renting in the long term is presented below. The table refers to the Opel Astra. 1.7 16v CDTI 101cv SW enjoy model and is based on data from Flotte & Auto Aziendali", the Quattroruote's extension of December 2005.

Download the table listing the economic benefits offered by the long-term rental.

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